Welcome to Bare Bones

The purpose of this blog is to create an online space through which I can share my experiences and reflections about osteoarthritis, and consider the realities of living with the condition on a long-term basis.

In my opinion, osteoarthritis has impacted negatively on many areas of my life for over four decades, so my intention here is to gather my thoughts together in the hope of gaining a greater understanding into the condition and how best to manage its impact on my everyday life.  I am expecting these pages to become something comparable to a scrapbook, collecting and collating thoughts regarding clinical approaches and considerations, orthopaedic  surgery, medication, pain management, mental health, alternative therapies, diet and exercise, the financial implications of long-term illness, mindful employers, and whatever else pops into my head at the time.

The intention of this blog is not to whinge on or attempt to elicit sympathy; rather, it is a serious attempt at gathering my thoughts and experiences, to organise my thinking, to seek a better way of managing my situation, and to find ways forward to a more positive and less painful future.

I do hope that this blog will attract a variety of readers, and would very much welcome comments, opinions and experiences of others being shared on this site.